A Breakfast Buffet Gives You the Best Afternoon Meal

The Gold Coast hotel and casino buffet has set the standard for dining in the Surfers Paradise area. Now there are five casinos on the Gold Coast and you have the opportunity to visit them all from one location. But it’s your choice to visit the five casinos on the Gold Coast in separate locations or from the same location.

gold coast hotel and casino buffet

You can eat at any of the casinos including: the Gold Coast Casino, the Ocean Casino, the Table Mountain Casino, The Beach Bar & Casino and the Star Casino. If you’re looking for a three-course meal, then you can choose from the following menu: regular three-course menu or the Buffet Three-Course. And if you’re looking for an appetizer or a dessert, you’ll find something that fits into your budget.

For dinner, the four casinos on the Gold Coast offer a buffet dinner along with table service. There are five menus to choose from, including the following: the Main Street, the South Downs, The Penninsula, the Palace and the Casino South.

You can sit down at the casino buffet after dinner and then take the elevator to the tables and take your seat at the tables where you can enjoy drinks and appetizers. No matter what your choice of dinner is, you’ll find something that you’ll like.

The casino buffet is sure to provide you with the best lunchtime meal for your cash out trip. If you’re looking for breakfast, then you can eat at the Main Street, South Downs, The Penninsula, Palace or Casino South. But don’t forget about the buffet because there are five different breakfast menus that you can choose from.

If you want something different, then you can sample the buffet at the Casino South. It features fresh seafood, steaks, pizza, chicken,burgers, salads, desserts and more.

And to top it off, the casino buffet is open late. So if you’re tired of eating food at a fast food restaurant, then you should try the Gold Coast hotel and casino buffet.