Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

the gold coast hotel and casino

Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

It can be hard to find a good deal when you are a gambler so why not book at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. Just a short drive from Surfers Paradise, the Gold Coast is well known for its excellent shopping, nightlife and fun filled lifestyle. The abundance of things to do and see makes it the perfect destination for a family vacation, as well as a great place to gamble.

The Hotel Grandis offers a stunningly beautiful ambience with a cool atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in another world. Guests are welcomed with a warm welcome and the staff are friendly and helpful. There is also a thrilling sport betting lounge, dining options including the exclusive Balinese Bar & Grill, and a spa offering a rejuvenating experience to any guest.

The Crystal Pool offers a unique atmosphere and offers an extensive range of entertaining activities. Activities include outdoor entertainment, boating, tennis, and round the clock entertainment for all ages. The venue is situated on the southern end of Surfers Paradise and is one of the popular spots for guests to gamble and enjoy the attractions of the Gold Coast. Entertainment includes live bands, rap artists, comedians, DJs, and glitzy karaoke.

The Suncoast Restaurant and Bar offers live music every night of the week. With a variety of choices including jazz, blues, rock, classic, folk, and barbecue, the selection is vast. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable with seats on the terrace for great views of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the most popular places for sports bettors is the Casino’s High-Rollers Dining Room which features not only fine food, but fantastic service and a variety of food options. A popular sports book is also located inside the casino and this is the perfect place to get the best rates on bets and games. Guests can dine in the casino or in a private room on the club level.

The Casino’s Casino Table features a mixture of high-class cuisine, drinks, and spirits. This is a great place to start a night of fun and excitement. A popular destination for gamblers is the café which serves delicious Italian fare, including pizzas, sandwiches, and pasta.

Access is available to both the Casino’s main casino, as well as the Beach Club on the boardwalk. Memberships to both casinos are included in the cost of staying in the hotel and this includes exceptional discounts and entertainment, as well as friendly casino staff. In addition, an elevator is available to guests who want to go up to the balcony area. This offers an opportunity to enjoy the great views of the south coast of Australia, as well as a relaxing experience.

Booking at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino offers a way to stay close to the action of the game and the excitement of the city. The Gold Coast is a wonderful destination for a romantic weekend, or an exciting trip with the family. There is something for everyone at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino.